Benefits Of UV Gel Nail Polish

by admin on August 13, 2011

It may be safe to say that most ladies enjoy polishing their nails. Some men do, too, although they stick to the natural colours. The problem most ladies experience is that the manicure, especially, does not last until the next appointment, as the colours start chipping after a short time. There appears to be a solution to that problem, and it comes in the form of UV gel nail polish, a specialty product. First of all, the procedure involved in using that specialty product is different from other applications. Normally, two layers of colour follow a base coat, and are capped with a top coat, all of which may be allowed to dry in the air. For some persons, that is the only pretty appearance, as the colours can smudge on immediately leaving the salon, or soon afterwards.

One difference with the specialty product is that it uses its own ultraviolet nail colours. Those colours have a thicker feel than the ones used regularly. Despite the thickness, though, the colours have a flexible feel to them. Another difference is in the application of the specialty product. The usual base coat, two layers of colour, and the top coat, are used. However, as each coat is applied, it is allowed to dry under ultraviolet light. In other processes, ultraviolet light may be employed at the end of the entire process.

There is something to be said for the specialty procedure. The combination of the appropriate nail colours, and the application of ultraviolet light after each coat, produces a particular result. The polish on the nails is rock hard, yet flexible. For this reason, they do not crack or chip, as other nails do. So effective is the procedure, that the nails do not look unsightly after a short time. Help may be required to actually remove the product from the nails.

The benefits of using the specialty product include drying time, durability, effectiveness, and application. Use of ultraviolet light enables drying of the nails in just a few minutes. There is no drying time loss, therefore. The gel polishes last from two to three weeks, and no chipping is experienced. Drilling or filing need not be feared, as with traditional methods. The gels work well on natural nails, and they can be painted over with regular polishes.

On the downside, there are considerations for cost, removal, new growth, and the time involved. As the specialty product can only be applied by a professional, it is more costly than normal. If the colour is to be changed, it has to be removed entirely each time. Removal may be done professionally, or at home. The more obvious the colours are, the more obvious would be the growth of new nails, also. For that reason, clear bases tend to be used. It is more time consuming to apply the specialty product because of the processes involved.

UV gel nail polish appears to be a problem-solver. The issue of quick chipping and cracking nails could be a thing of the past. Special colours and procedures are involved in the application.

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Alycia August 28, 2011 at 6:04 am

I read this article and agree with all the pro’s however not only did I just recently buy a 36 watt UV light, but also a beginners kit and gel colour and did procedure at home..what would cost me 30-35 in a salon….will now be cheaper….the initial cost of a GOOD lamp (60) and the starter kit(ph bond, foundation, top coat, cleanser & remover) and 1 colour cost me $95….so in 3 home manicures it will havE fully paid for itself. Not to mention it only took me about 30 mins…and I was able to take a nap after…can u believe it? Ladies try it,…you will never go back to tips or arylics, I never thought I would have my real nails back after years of tips,but here I am after 2 salon manicures and 1 home manicure…I’m HOOKED….good luck ladies.


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Peter October 21, 2011 at 8:26 pm

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